Borborygmi - Noise From The Veterinary World

Borborygmi - Noise From The Veterinary World

BRAND NEW: Covid Specials out now

Along with our friends at Vets: Stay Go Diversify and Smashing The Ceiling, we are delighted to continue to support Borborygmi - Noise from the Veterinary World. This podcast brings you thoughts, memories or opinions on life in the veterinary world from people of all walks. 

First recorded at the London Vet Show and now remotely due to lockdown measures, the team interviewed a host of vets, vet nurses, students and professionals working within the veterinary field and gave them no limits on what they could discuss. We now have a collection of diverse insights that paint a snapshot of veterinary life. These have been edited into bite-size episodes covering relevant topics to YOU, including mental health, careers, finance, diversity, technology and much, much more.  

COVID-Specials include: men talking mental health, the highs and lows of vetting from home with kids and vet students during lockdown

Borborygmi is live via Smashing The Ceiling on your streaming service of choice! 



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