Becoming integral to, and sharing in, your practice’s financial success

BVA Careers Development

As you develop your veterinary career, you will want to maximise the rewards from your hard work. What value does your contribution hold? When, and how, do you articulate this professionally and objectively to your bosses? In any negotiation you need to understand the other side’s point of view. Through dissection of a practice’s finances, you will understand how the practice generates turnover and spends money - and how the two together, determine practice profitability. Within all these elements, there are clear areas in which your own contribution can influence the financial outcome. All important when demonstrating your importance to the long-term success of a practice. 

Learning outcomes

  • Develop the knowledge of what a successful practice’s finances look like
  • Understand where your own contribution can make a difference to practice financial efficiency.
  • Understand how and when to discuss your contribution as an integral member of the practice team to your bosses.

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