Stop trying to "fix" your team members - develop them!

BVA Careers Development

Des will present the philosophy and the tools which he teaches in businesses to help develop individuals and teams:
. Clarity on the type of culture and values that you want within the business,
. A basic understanding of “human needs” and their role in helping individuals become either engaged and self-motivated or demotivated, stressed, depressed etc
. The ability to listen to and speak straight with individuals so there is real dialogue to discuss which technical, human relations or self-management skills are missing from their competencies.
. Learn how to encourage individuals to self-learn, by encouraging them to think it out for themselves, using appropriate listening and questioning techniques (TGROW).
. Know the difference between managing, mentoring, coaching and training, and be able to use each appropriately
. Create and implement a development plan to help individuals become the best that they can be

Learning outcomes:
• How individuals will self-motivate in an environment where they can get their Human needs met
• How to create a culture / what “tools” to use to ensure individuals get their needs met
• How to avoid / manage stress
• The importance of clear goals.

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