Five ways to generate revenue from veterinary nurse consultations

Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19

Veterinary nurse consultations are becoming the norm in modern veterinary practice. This is particularly relevant given the current challenges in veterinary surgeon recruitment and retention as well as the current reviews as to what medical treatments Registered Veterinary Nurses can perform under the Schedule 3 exemption. As such, practices and veterinary nurses are not only recognising that they are capable of conducting many of the consultations that vets have traditionally performed, but that they also growing in the confidence that they have the right to do so. The challenge however has been how to monetise the value veterinary nurses can offer during consultations. This lecture will demonstrate 5 opportunities whereby veterinary nurses can charge directly for the advice and treatments they deliver as well as outlining some of the tactics that can be used to endorse the value of veterinary nurse consultations.

Learning outcomes:

  • Categorising the types of veterinary nurse consultations
  • Recognising and enhancing the perception of value during nurse consultations in the minds of the RVNs, the vets and the clients
  • Tactics for endorsing veterinary nurse consultations within the practice
  • Tactics for charging veterinary nurse consultations.
Kirsty Sturman, Trainer - VDS Training


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