Inductions - how to reduce the stress, whilst increasing effectiveness

Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19

Starting a new job is stressful - the fear of the unknown. A well-structured induction programme will reduce anxiety and barriers to learning, allowing early productivity. A sense of stability and clear expectations of progression will increase staff happiness and retention - hugely beneficial considering the cost of recruitment and the strain it puts on the rest of the team. Tracking your staff training has ongoing benefits of litigation protection (ensuring the team has the Health & Safety training), evidence for compliance and quality appraisal data. This presentation provides guidance on achieving this for our diverse employee needs encompassing locums, new grads, school leavers and inexperienced lay staff.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand stress of new employment from both sides.
  • How to enable a new employee to become productive as quickly as possible
  • Ensuring the business is protected, by ensuring new team members are trained in the consistent processes of your business
  • How to create a training journey from Day 1.

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