Mindfulness for the busy vet

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In practice our time is constantly in demand, and it is so easy to let life happen to you, having your time controlled by everyone, and everything, other than YOU! Do you end some days feeling exhausted, not quite sure where the time went? It is so easy to simply try and pedal harder and faster, neglecting vital time to re-boot. Failure to re-boot can decrease performance, thus it becomes a vicious circle, leading to stress and an overwhelming feeling of things happening to you, rather being in control of your own time. Practice is busy, and even when you have a break from the clinical load there is always something to do and people to answer to. Having those moments in practice to press pause and either think clearly, or take time to truly re-boot, can be a challenge. Without making time for this, we end up allowing work to filter through into our home life. Rendering us unable to switch off, worrying at night about work-related problems or outstanding work and this affects our home life, sleep and health. In this session we will identify practical tools and strategies to press pause, think and proactively manage our time, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. So that no matter what hurdles you face on a day to day basis, you can remain more in control and take back the control of your work, emotions and behaviours

Learning outcomes:

  • How to make most out of the time you have in practice
  • How to feel more in control of your work, no matter how busy your practice is
  • How to confidently move through your day with purposeful actions maintaining your energy levels.

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