Resilience in an hour

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Resilience is commonly suggested as a desirable, even required, characteristic for professionals, but what is it? The idea of rapidly bouncing back from adversity sounds good, and something we'd all like to be able to do, but does it place too much emphasis on individuals where sometimes organisations and professional culture may need to change? What else do we need to be aware of when thinking about resilience? This session reviews what we know about professional resilience; what individuals can do to promote resilience and what impacts resilience in veterinary workplaces. It also explores some of the questions and challenges to the concept of professional resilience, and what those mean for the veterinary industry.

Learning outcomes:

  • Delegates will understand the definition of resilience
  • Delegates will have reviewed strategies for promoting resilience
  • Delegates will have explored some of the challenges to the concept of resilience, and considered it's usefulness in the veterinary industry.
Justine Shotton, Veterinary Services Manager - Marwell Wildlife

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