Conference programme 2019


A practitioner’s approach to individual sheep medicine- tackling common problems from large flocks through to pet sheep

14 Nov 2019
BVA Farm Theatre 2

A flock is made up of individuals and without the capacity to perform a thorough examination of individual sheep the practitioner, whether experienced or not is disadvantaged in tacking flock problems. Equally, many individual sheep are valuable in their own right, whether economically or emotionally, and the owners of these animals expect a high level of investigation and care. This presentation will cover how to perform a thorough examination of the sick sheep, how to apply adjunctive diagnostics in an appropriate manner and how to approach common problems affecting the individual sheep.

  • - How to perform a thorough clinical examination (including neurological examination) on a sheep
  • -Which adjunctive diagnostics are most useful when approaching the sick sheep
  • -Treatment of common conditions of individual sheep
James Patrick Crilly, Assistant Veterinary Surgeon - Larkmead Veterinary Group

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