Abnormalities of the head and face – droops, tilts and twitches

15 Nov 2019
RVC Clinical Theatre 1
Internal Medicine

Abnormalities of the head and face occur commonly in veterinary practice. Among others, these include a 'droopy’ face, unilateral or bilateral atrophy of the temporalis muscle, and a dropped jaw. While these clinical presentations can be distressing for owners of affected animals, underlying causes can vary from benign disorders to malignant conditions with a poor prognosis. Although some clinical presentations are suggestive for a condition affecting the brainstem, other presentations can be suggestive for a self-limiting ‘idiopathic’ disorder affecting a specific cranial nerve. In this lecture we will discuss a logical clinical approach to the most common conditions affecting the head and face. We will focus on how to clinically differentiate between benign conditions that can easily be managed in private practice and disorders with a potentially worse prognosis.

  • •Understand the relevant anatomy of facial expression and appearance
  • •Learn to localise the lesion in animals with abnormalities of the head and face
  • •Become confident in evaluating the most common disorders that can cause abnormalities of the head and face
Steven De Decker, Senior Lecturer Neurology and Neurosurgery - Royal Veterinary College

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