Acupuncture in Sports Horses

15 Nov 2019
RVC Equine Theatre 2

Acupuncture research progress from around the world is replacing outdated and often incompetent interpretations of traditional medical constructs with modern medically relevant concepts. Many major medical clinics and hospitals and also veterinary clinics and hospitals now embrace the inclusion of acupuncture as part of Integrative Medicine used in conjunction with standard treatments. Palpation based acupuncture often reveals physical issues not readily found in standard examinations that impair performance, e.g. myofascial trigger points, and therefore supplements standard care. The Sport Horse competing under rules requires a drug free status. Acupuncture treatment provides a very safe and effective way to manage many issues in a drug free manner.

  • 1) Medical acupuncture is based on EBM and differs significantly from Traditional acupuncture. 2) Acupuncture points have unique qualities. 3) Palpation techniques are essential in employing acupuncture. 4) Acupuncture and electroacupuncture are especially useful in treating myofascial and other chronic pain and nerve related disease.
Dietrich von Schweinitz, Veterinary Acupuncture - ToThePoint Acupuncture

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