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Block calving systems – it’s a whole other language

15 Nov 2019
BVA Farm Theatre 1

Over recent years, there has been a gradual move away from traditional, all year calving herds with an increasing number of forage-based block calving herds. These herds present a different set of challenges to the veterinary practitioner. This talk will give an introduction to block calving systems and the veterinary management of these herds. This will include an overview of stock management, highlighting the similarities and differences between spring and summer/autumn-based systems, as well as a glossary of the terms frequently used in block calving systems.

The presentation will cover expected levels of performance and how these influence profitability of the herd. This will lead into the targeted veterinary intervention required to achieve this performance, how to monitor performance and developing strategic client relationships. It will also cover some of the unintended consequences of achieving performance targets.

  • Understanding the terminology and key targets of block calving systems
  • Drivers of profitability
  • Veterinary interventions and challenges
Phil Elkins, Ruminant Lead - Prognostix

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