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Bovine lameness - why farmers underestimate it and how to change their mindset

15 Nov 2019
BVA Farm Theatre 1

Around a third of UK dairy cows are lame at any time. Yet research and farmer surveys consistently show that farmers underestimate this prevalence by around 300%. Why should this be so?

Human behaviour around the issue of cattle lameness is a fascinating subject. The author will draw from studies he has been involved with as well as those of other UK workers which have been useful to understand more about attitudes and beliefs concerning lameness. He will also illustrate why these factors could be the key to reducing lameness prevalence, and the evidence to support this.

  • Delegates will learn why lameness prevalence is consistently under-estimated by farmers
  • Delegates will understand how the attitudes towards lameness can influence prevalence and the evidence for how beliefs can be altered to reduce lameness prevalence
  • Delegates will take home some tips they can apply in practice for changing farmers’ attitudes and beliefs around lameness
Owen Atkinson, Director and Owner - Dairy Veterinary Consultancy Ltd

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