Common diseases in the travelling pet

14 Nov 2019
Idexx Advanced Diagnostics Stream

This lecture will cover the common questions regarding imported and travelled pets referring to the disease risks, the best diagnostic test and common treatment and follow up questions.

This lecture will cover the common queries vets and owners have regarding travelling with their pet or regarding an imported pet. The common infectious disease queries relate to:

  • How can I reduce the risk of the pet getting infected?
  • What is the best test for…..?
  • When is the best time to test for …?
  • How do I treat…..?
  • How/when do I do follow up tests?

The lecture will cover Ehrlichia, Leishmania, Babesia, Dirofilaria and Hepatozoon infections in dogs (and cats where applicable).

  • - What diseases pose a risk for travelled or imported pets?
  • - Develop confidence in choosing the appropriate diagnostic test for the different diseases
  • - Overview of treatment options and where to access up to date advice
Kate Murphy, Internal Medicine Consultant - IDEXX Laboratories

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