Empower the vets: How new diagnostic tools can improve the efficiency of your practice.

14 Nov 2019
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Vets are facing new challenges and efficiency has never been so important for a veterinary practice as today.
As practices are growing and pet owners' expectations are becoming higher than ever, veterinarians need to do more, faster, and still provide the same quality of care as they used to.

Amongst others, diagnosis is one of the main areas where efficiency has become critical. Being able to provide quick and accurate diagnosis so the pet can receive the right treatment, at the right time is often challenged by cost, or by the diagnostic tools themselves.

In this session we will discuss how new diagnostic tools such as PCR are entering the veterinary practice to help provide faster and more accurate diagnosis without compromising on efficiency, workflows and costs.

  • - Diagnostics as a tool improve veterinary practice efficiency.
  • - New diagnostic technologies to empower vets.
  • - PCR at the Point-of-Care.
  • - Diagnostic platforms integrated into the veterinarian's workflow.
Sofiane Bennacer, Business Development Manager - Credo Biomedical Pte. Ltd.

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