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Cool case studies

15 Nov 2019
BVA Farm Theatre 2

Expand your differential diagnosis list and methodically work through case work ups, when presented with pictures from genuine cattle case studies, experienced by the speaker from both the UK and abroad.  The presentation will cover a range of scenarios, from cases that would more commonly be encountered in routine farm work, to the more challenging and ambiguous cases. This session is designed to be as interactive as possible, to generate discussion and knowledge transfer.  

  • Case studies and photographs, from genuine cases encountered in the UK, India and South Africa
  • Challenge your approach to working up cases, in both an ideal world and an under-developed world with little resources
  • Expand your list of possible differential diagnosis and enjoy a healthy discussion with colleagues
Nikki Hopkins, President/Veterinary Surgeon - BCVA/Hafren Veterinary Group, Newton, Powys

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