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Tackling the goat - not a cow, but not quite a sheep - The Next Chapter

15 Nov 2019
BVA Farm Theatre 1

The UK goat population is varied in make-up and their numbers are increasing annually, now totalling in excess of 104,000 split primarily between the Dairy, Meat, Fibre and Pet sectors. The mixed veterinary practitioner is increasingly likely to be presented with goat cases, whether these be on commercial goat farms or those kept as "pets". The goat has many idiosyncrasies which stand them apart from fellow ruminants, and the aim of this talk is to help the mixed vet diagnose and treat common diseases of the pet goat, as well as be able to offer relevant disease and husbandry advice to the goat keeper.

  • •Increase confidence in veterinary approach of goat cases
  • •Improved awareness of goat differences when compared with other ruminant species
  • * Develop the themes and issues discussed at last years LVS to different common diseases and conditions
Benjamin Dustan, Honorary Secretary Goat Veterinary Society - Goat Veterinary Society

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