Tricky electrolyte disturbances: How to deal with hypercalcaemia

14 Nov 2019
Idexx Advanced Diagnostics Stream

This lecture will examine the causes of hypercalcaemia and briefly touch base of the pathophysiological mechanisms involved. Understanding the pitfalls in diagnosing hypercalcaemia, potential causes of hypercalcaemia and stabilizing treatment will be the focus of this talk.

The approach to treatment of hypercalcaemia depends on the severity of clinical signs, the underlying cause, and the magnitude of the hypercalcaemia.  The decision-making process will be guided by matters such as how quickly hypercalcaemia develops, if the calcium level continues to increase, the presence of hyperphosphataemia, the presence of severe acid-base disturbances, the level of renal function, and the status of brain function. The cause of hypercalcaemia may be obvious from findings in the history or from clinical examination, however if the cause is not immediately apparent, further diagnostic work up is needed.

  • •Pathophysiological mechanisms involved in calcium homeostasis
  • •Causes of hypercalcaemia in dogs and cats
  • •Supportive treatment of hypercalcaemia
Lise Nikolic Nielsen, Associate Professor in Veterinary Clinical Pathology - University of Copenhagen

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