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Update on Milksure - what you need to know

15 Nov 2019
BVA Farm Theatre 1

MilkSure is a training and accreditation programme for dairy farmers, delivered by their vets, to reduce medicine residues in milk and improve medicine stewardship.

Over 200 vet practices have delivered training to their clients and around 15% of UK Dairy Farms are MilkSure accredited. The feedback is that vets find the MilkSure programme very practical. It has been useful to improve the way farmers are using medicines which have been prescribed for their herds. It is probably fair to say that many vets have tightened up their own prescribing behaviours too.

A growing awareness about medicine stewardship on dairy farms and medicine residues is one thing, but this must be accompanied by changes in behaviours and procedures on farm. Monitoring residue failure rates, revisiting action plans, refresher training and annual medicine cupboard “health-checks” will all help build on the initial momentum of MilkSure to meet the industry’s needs.

  • Delegates will gain a greater awareness of why medicine residues in milk are so important to the industry and how the UK compares to other countries
  • Delegates will understand feedback about MilkSure from vets, farmers and processors, including what works well and what works less well when delivering MilkSure to clients
  • Delegates will learn about the future development of MilkSure and its value to dairy farmers and veterinary practices going forwards
Owen Atkinson, Director and Owner - Dairy Veterinary Consultancy Ltd

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