Vet nurses are not mini-vets! Shaping a distinct future for RVNs

15 Nov 2019
BVA Congress

The role of an RVN is unrecognisable from the first time the title ‘veterinary nurse’ was used in 1984, but that title remains unprotected and the role remains ambiguous. The VN Futures project firmly established vets and vet nurses as two distinct professions working alongside one another, but the core functions of vet nurses are interpreted differently from one workplace to the next. VNs express frustration at the lack of clarity over their roles and vets worry about retention and recruitment of their nursing team.

Against this backdrop, BVA and BVNA came together in early 2019 to consider a positive vision for the future of vet nursing in the UK. In this session we will explore the barriers that have been holding VNs back and discuss how vets and vet nurses can work together to secure a brighter and more distinct future for the profession.

James Russell, Junior Vice President - British Veterinary Association
Fiona Andrew, . - .

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