Conference programme 2019


What is your downer cow telling you? Is this a herd problem?

15 Nov 2019
BVA Farm Theatre 1

The presentation will cover the differential diagnoses of a downer cow. It will discuss the risk factors and the details of these diagnoses including clinical signs, treatments and likely outcomes. We will look at how to relate the diagnoses to the herd an how to investigate whether or not the problem is more of an individual cow issue, or a herd problem. From there we will discuss management, nutrition and prevention considerations to reduce the number of cases occurring on farm. The economics of these cases will be looked at and therefore show reasons why we should get more involved as vets, in investigation across the farm to minimise the risk factors. The aim will be to give a wider view of the risk areas on a farm when a downer cow is seen for treatment to allow further support and advice to be given to the farmer.

  • Differential diagnoses of the downer cow.
  • Recognising risk factors on a farm.
  • Confidence to investigate fully the causes to enable sound advise.
Deborah Brown, Technical Development Manager - Dugdale Nutrition

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