What to worry about in 2020? The increasing prevalence of Vector-Borne Diseases

14 Nov 2019
Zoetis Learning Academy

At a time of unprecedented change in Companion Animal Vector-borne disease distributions, it can be difficult for Veterinary professionals to keep up to date with which parasites represent significant and emerging health risks to UK pets and owners. This presentation describes the latest data on the distributions of fleas, ticks in the UK and the threats they pose as well as emerging and exotic vector-borne pathogens present in imported and travelled pets. Understanding parasite distribution and risk allows accurate practical evidence-based prevention advice to be given to clients, helping to keep them and their pets free from vector-borne disease.

  • •To understand the risk to pet and human health posed by fleas and ticks in the UK
  • •To understand the wide range of vector-borne pathogens that may be present in pets imported into the UK
  • •To be able to give accurate prevention advice to clients based on current exposure and disease risks
Ian Wright, Co-owner of Mount Vets, Fleetwood, Head of ESCCAP UK & Ireland - Guideline Director for ESCCAP

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