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When a gas just ain't good enough - TIVA

14 Nov 2019
RVC Nursing Theatre

In light of the Isoflurane shortage this year, this lecture will focus on other methods we can use to maintain anaesthesia, when a volatile agent is either not available, or not appropriate to use. We will look at some cases where total intravenous anaesthesia would be appropriate, and how this can be extended to other cases if necessary, should there be further shortages.
Moving forward, can we be more diverse with our anaesthesia protocols by using a mixture of both inhalational and intravenous anaesthesia protocols or can we include any local anaesthesia techniques to our plans so we can reduce our volatile agent consumption? How will this benefit our patients?

  • •Understand the principles and practicalities of using Total intravenous anaesthesia and case selection for use.
  • •How to accompany inhalational agents to produce safer anaesthesia protocols using partial intravenous anaesthesia and local techniques.
  • •Understand how to calculate and set up constant rate infusions for both TIVA and PIVA.
Lisa Angell, Head Anaesthesia Nurse - Queen Mother Hospital for Animals, Royal Veterinary College.

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