Conference Programme 2020


Anorexia with normal blood work - where's the problem?

13 Nov 2020
RVC Clinical Theatre 1

Anorexia can have a myriad of causes and is a clinical manifestation of many different diseases. Usually, there will be some other, more specific clinical sign in our patient that will help us localise the problem but sometimes there is nothing! In this lecture, we will discuss a problem-based approach to the problem of anorexia and consider when and why bloodwork in these patients may be normal.

  • 1. To review a problem-based approach to the patient who can't or won't eat
  • 2. To appreciate the range of factors that impact appetite in dogs and cats
  • 3. To learn about the clinical disorders that may present with anorexia as the only clinical sign.
Jill Maddison, BVSc DipVetClinStud PhD FACVSc SFHEA MRCVS, Professor of General Practice - Royal Veterinary College

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