Antimicrobial drugs: getting it right


Antimicrobial drugs: getting it right

11 Nov 2021
RVC Equine Theatre 1

Antimicrobials are frequently prescribed in equine practice; despite the frequency with which it occurs, getting ‘it right’ can sometimes be a real challenge. The easy options are not always the ‘right’ ones, and we have the added complication of client expectations, costs and patient compliance to consider. In this talk we will discuss how to use the information we have regarding our patient and the available antimicrobials to make an appropriate antimicrobial choice.

  • Understand the concept of antimicrobial stewardship
  • Review the commonly used antimicrobials and their spectrum of activity
  • Develop an approach to utilising antimicrobials responsibly and effectively
Imogen Johns, Equine Medicine Specialist - B and W Equine Hospital

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