Be aware and take care: What can CT tell you and what can it not?


Be aware and take care: What can CT tell you and what can it not?

11 Nov 2021
RVC Clinical Theatre 3

Computed tomography (CT) has become more widely available in veterinary practice and is currently often relied on for diagnosis, staging, and treatment planning. Given the cross-sectional nature of image acquisition, superimposition, as seen in radiography, is eliminated, giving us an excellent view of the anatomy. Has standard radiography and ultrasonography become outdated? This lecture will endeavor to show the remarkable advantages we can enjoy when using CT and also discuss scenarios where radiography and ultrasonography are helpful collaborators in solving the diagnostic puzzle.

  • -Be able to describe the basic anatomy of the CT scanner and image acquisition in comparison to radiography and ultrasound.
  • -CT of the thorax and abdomen: be able to explain the utility of CT in comparison to radiography and ultrasonography
  • -Describe the utility of advanced CT applications.
Randi Drees, Clinical Associate Professor - RVC

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