Building a social media presence - how to do it well and unexpected pitfalls


Building a social media presence - how to do it well and unexpected pitfalls

11 Nov 2021
BVA Career Development

We are constantly challenged as to the sustainability of livestock production and whether we are sure that livestock is raised with the best health and welfare, with low environmental impacts and in systems that produce safe, affordable food. These challenges are exacerbated by the disconnect between consumers and farmers, and the changing media landscape, whereby social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc) have replaced traditional print or TV/radio as sources of information. There’s no doubt that we need to communicate past the practice door to listen to, communicate with and help inform consumers, retailers, government and media, but how do we navigate the fast-moving and sometimes confusing world of social media, without coming across as too scientific or falling prey to trolls? This presentation will give tips, data and information to help you build a social media presence with some real-life examples of how it can go well…and go wrong!

  • Identify the right social media site(s) for their requirements (individual/business/association)
  • Understand and give examples of the best ways to communicate on social media, especially with reference to controversial issues
  • Myth-bust some of the common sustainability issues surrounding animal agriculture

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