Can I really block this? Surgical and medical applications of local anaesthesia


Can I really block this? Surgical and medical applications of local anaesthesia

11 Nov 2021
RVC Clinical Theatre 1

Get the nerve to do some blocks! Local anaesthetic drugs are effective, easy to use and inexpensive. The use of local/regional blocks improves anaesthetic safety by allowing the patient to be maintained at a lower dose of inhalant, thus decreasing inhalant-mediated cardiovascular and respiratory depression. Local anaesthetic blockade decreases pain, both intra- and post-operatively. In humans, local blocks have been shown to decrease the likelihood of the development of chronic pain. The use of local anaesthetics decreases the need to administer drugs like opioids that can cause adverse effects. So why don’t we use the blocks more? Maybe we just need someone to show us how! The lecture will cover a step-by-step description and video demonstration of local blocks that can be used in any practice.

  • At the end of this lecture the delegate will be able to:
  • •Understand the importance and effectiveness of local anaesthetic blocks as part of an analgesic/anaesthetic protocol.
  • •Perform local/regional blocks with knowledge of proper drugs, anatomic landmarks and injection techniques.
  • •Identify new local anaesthetic blocks to incorporate into current analgesic/anaesthetic protocols.
Tamara Grubb, Adjunct Clinical Professor - Washington State University

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