Difficult calvings: a practitioners approach


Difficult calvings: a practitioners approach

12 Nov 2021
BVA Farm Theatre 1

There is no proscribed way to approach a difficult calving. Individual variations in patients, farm and situation will all play a role in how the practitioner will be able to undertake these emergencies, as well as the outcome (successful or otherwise). With that in mind this talk will focus on a general approach to difficult calvings including some tips and techniques derived from 15 years in farm practice; however this is by no means intended to be a standard operating protocol for cattle dystocia! It is intended that the topic will stimulate discussion and questions from the audience.

We will discuss approaches to dystocia (from first phone call to follow up visits), underlying pathologies, anaesthesia and analgesia, correction of malpresentations, foetal abnormalities, foetotomies, surgical interventions and neonatal care.

  • • Understand the common causes of dystocia and associated dam disease
  • • Understand the approach to correcting common malpresentations
  • • Identify situations where further intervention is needed and the steps involved.
Paul Wood, .Principal Clinician and Senior Lecturer in Farm Animal Practice - Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

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