Conference Programme 2020


First opinion farm emergencies

12 Nov 2020
BVA Farm Theatre 1

The session will cover some of the common emergencies for first opinion practitioners including; obstetrics ( dystocia, uterine& vaginal prolapse), the bleeding cow ( post calving or udder blood vessels), deep cuts and broken limbs, severe bloat and other abdominal catastrophes (right displaced abomasum, caecal dilation and volvulus, grain overload), toxic mastitis. We will look at the clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment options and likely prognosis of each condition. We will also discuss how to manage the farmer in these situations when things can feel a bit stressful and valued animals’ can be at risk.

  • •Confidence to diagnose and treat emergency cases
  • •Ability to explain to the farmer how and what has happened
  • •Confidence to advise the farmer on next steps, prognosis and if suitable, prevention.
Deborah Brown, , Technical Manager - Dugdale Nutrition

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