More than one option: Diagnosis and management of hyperadrenocorticism


More than one option: Diagnosis and management of hyperadrenocorticism

12 Nov 2021
RVC Clinical Theatre 3

If one can name one hormonal disease that has the ability to confuse and frustrate vets around the world, it probably has to be Cushing's Syndrome. From diagnosis to management, successful decision making often takes place in the "grey zone". Additionally, a significant proportion of cases have either inconclusive test results or show unsatisfactory treatment results. This session will focus on breaking down the options we have in terms of diagnosis and treatment. As such we will introduce alternative diagnostic options, including computer-assisted case selection, Artificial Intelligence diagnosis, low budget minimal tool diagnosis. With regards to treatment, we will discuss the alternatives when normal dose once daily trilostane is not making enough of a difference to ensure satisfactory quality of life, the use of quality of life assessment tools specific to Cushing's, as well as surgical treatment options.

  • - Understanding of how the accuracy of diagnostic tests for Cushing's can be improved using newly developed algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques
  • - Understanding of when urine-based testing should also be considered
  • - Confidence in when Cushing's Quality of Life assessment tools and as well as Cushing's Clinical Score led management should be considered
  • - Confidence in when multiple-day trilostane might be necessary
  • - Ability to discuss all treatment options with owners including adrenalectomy and hypophysectomy, which have become valuable management options with exciting results.
Stijn Niessen, Professor, RCVS and European Veterinary Specialist in Internal Medicine - VSC
Rebecca Geddes, Clinical Scientist Fellow, Small Animal Internal Medicine - Royal Veterinary College

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