Practical equine nutrition - separating fact from fiction


Practical equine nutrition - separating fact from fiction

11 Nov 2021
RVC Equine Theatre 1

Feeding horses requires knowledge of equine nutrition and animal husbandry. The aim of this lecture is to provide equine practitioners with the necessary background knowledge of equine nutrition in order for them to provide practical advice to clients on feeding horses and ponies in health and disease. The lecture will begin with a review of the anatomy and physiology of the equine digestive system. Basic nutritional requirements for equids and composition of feedstuffs will be then be discussed, with emphasis placed on the health and welfare issues surrounding the inclusion of these nutrients in common types of feedstuffs used in equine diets. There will also be information on how these common feedstuffs are evaluated. The lecture will conclude with a discussion on ration formulation and clinical nutrition, with a focus on feeding strategies for the management and prevention of some common nutrition-related disorders seen in equine practice.

  • • Review the relevant anatomy and physiology of the equine gastrointestinal tract in relation to nutrient digestion
  • • Be familiar with the nutritional requirements and composition of common feedstuffs for horses
  • • Formulate a ration using common feedstuffs and explain the dietary management of individuals affected with nutrition-related problems.
Michael Hewetson, Senior lecturer Equine Internal Medicine - Royal Veterinary College

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