Sarcoids, melanomas and other tumours


Sarcoids, melanomas and other tumours

11 Nov 2021
RVC Equine Theatre 1

Sarcoids and melanomas are frequently encountered in everyday practice. Sarcoid treatments have evolved over the last 10 years; we will review these treatments and I will present my suggested protocol. Melanomas are so often treated with benign neglect; we will look at best management for these and other common skin tumours. There will be plenty of case examples following both medical and surgical management.

  • 1. Appreciate the different types of sarcoids and why its relevant.
  • 2. Appreciate the success rates of different treatments for sarcoids
  • 3. Appreciate the benefits of early intervention to treat melanomas and other tumours
  • 4. Have an action plan to treat both sarcoids and melanomas
Andy Fiske-Jackson, Senior Lecturer in Equine Surgery - Royal Veterinary College

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