Saving lives: A multi-disciplinary approach to the patient with haemoabdomen


Saving lives: A multi-disciplinary approach to the patient with haemoabdomen

11 Nov 2021
RVC Clinical Theatre 1

Dogs and cats presenting with spontaneous? haemoabdomen may have surgical or non-surgical underlying causes. Identifying non-surgical causes is critical for avoiding an unnecessary and potentially detrimental exploratory laparotomy, and careful pre-operative resuscitation is key for anaesthetic safety and surgical success. Some surgical causes e.g. a ruptured spleen are much more straightforward to manage than others e.g. a ruptured liver or adrenal mass so imaging and pre-operative planning are important. Practical tips for stabilisation and surgical management of haemoabdomen will be shared. The success of surgically managed haemoabdomen is also dictated by optimal peri-operative anaesthesia and critical care so careful attention needs to paid to these aspects. The latest updates on post-operative chemotherapeutic options and prognosis will be presented.

  • •Know the essentials of stabilising haemoabdomen patients
  • •Understand the importance of careful planning, including imaging for determining which haemoabdomen cases should undergo exploratory laparotomy.
  • •Have learnt some practical tips for surgical management of haemoabdomen
  • •Recognise the importance of optimising anaesthesia and peri-operative critical care for successful management of haemoabdomen.
  • •Know the latest chemotherapeutic options and prognosis for splenic haemangiosarcoma
Simon Cook, Lecturer in Emergency and Critical Care - Royal Veterinary College
Irina Gramer, Lecturer in Veterinary Oncology - Royal Veterinary College
Tamara Grubb, Adjunct Clinical Professor - WSU
Vicky Lipscomb, Professor of Small Animal Surgery - Royal Veterinary College

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