The Trilogy of TB testing – making the three elements work together for a successful test


The Trilogy of TB testing – making the three elements work together for a successful test

12 Nov 2021
BVA Farm Theatre

A successful TB test is one that is thorough, safe, efficient and carried out with professional compassion. Three main elements have an influence over how a TB test will go – the handling system and cattle, the farmer and his staff and you – the TB tester. As the professional, it is largely up to you to conduct these elements, orchestrating a safe testing environment with minimal stress for cattle and humans and no nasty surprises.

Day one of the test runs very differently to day two. The focus on day one is mainly on getting the job done safely, efficiently and to standard. The atmosphere on day two tends to be markedly different. Do not underestimate the strain and worry the farmer (and you) will be feeling. Preparation is key to making sure the day progresses well especially if the outcome is a failed test.

Your job doesn’t stop when you handover that restriction notice – and your approach at this point will be key in making sure both you and the farmer remain sane.

  • Appreciation of the stresses facing the farmer when TB testing
  • How to respond to serving a restriction notice – the key is in the preparation
  • Knowing where and when to seek assistance for the farmer and yourself

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