Conference Programme 2020


Unexpected lab work: understanding haematology and biochemistry

12 Nov 2020
RVC Equine Theatre 1

Abnormalities of haematology and biochemistry parameters are common. Some are clinically insignificant and often self-correcting while others require immediate attention and rapid intervention. Recognising clinically important abnormalities and interpreting them correctly enables the clinician to formulate a concise list of differential diagnoses, strategically choose further tests and initiate effective treatment. Occasionally, completely unexpected results might be obtained. The session will provide guidelines how to differentiate spurious results from real changes and how to trouble shoot unusual results.

  • At the end of the lecture attendance will be able to
  • •Interpret common abnormalities in light of the presenting clinical signs and case history.
  • •Formulate a list of differential diagnoses and choose further diagnostic tests based on results obtained
  • •Identify abnormalities requiring immediate attention and correct the identified abnormalities quickly and safely.
  • •Troubleshoot unexpected results and complications.
Bettina Dunkel, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DECEIM, DACVECC, FHEA, Associate Professor in Equine Medicine - Royal Veterinary College

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