16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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A new point of care test to assist in antibiotic stewardship

18 Nov 2022
Exhibitor Showcase Theatre 1
A new point of care test to assist in antibiotic stewardship

New POC methods to help focus antibiotic therapy to only those patients who will actually derive benefits. Emphasis will be on ruling out antibiotic prescribing for the numerous conditions that present with pyrexia but are not bacterial in origin.

Two new test platforms will be presented:

•             A simple 10-minute test for serum biomarkers that differentiate between bacterial infections and other inflammatory conditions that do not respond to antibiotics

•             A simple 30-minute test that identifies up to six different bacterial species in urine samples and avoids delays required by send out culture methods

The new pipette free tests are designed to be used by practice staff without the need for laboratory experience.

Combined they give previously unavailable clinical data to focus antibiotic therapy only on patients with bacterial infections, whilst also enabling POC monitoring of treatment efficacy for animals who are found to have non-bacterial inflammatory conditions.

  • •Understanding how to reduce antibiotic prescribing
  • •Summary of inflammatory conditions that do not need antibiotics
  • •Illustration of simple new POC methods to enable better antibiotic stewardship