16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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A pro-active approach to laminitis

17 Nov 2022
BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
A pro-active approach to laminitis

Obesity and laminitis are arguably the greatest threat to equine welfare in the UK and are the result of inappropriate dietary management. Strategies to tackle equine obesity have met with limited success. The presentation will discuss why owners frequently fail to manage obesity and laminitis risk effectively. Confirmation of metabolic disease and hyperinsulinaemia specifically may "awaken" owners to metabolic disease in their horses and encourage the necessary diet and management changes. Pharmaceuticals are being used increasingly to manage hyperinsulinaemia and obesity. The potential merits and harms of different pharmeceutical options will be discussed.

  • 1. Understand why some owners are unwilling or unable to diet their horses effectively
  • 2. Have an awareness of recent evidence that links insulin concentrations with laminitis risk
  • 3. Appreciate the potential benefits and possible harms of using pharmaceuticals in the prevention and management of hyperinsulinaemic laminitis