16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Adapt and thrive, an insight into the future of veterinary

17 Nov 2022
Business Theatre
Adapt and thrive, an insight into the future of veterinary

Veterinary is evolving, education, expectations, pet ownership, technology, and in-practice requirements. The question isn't merely what we can do to adapt but how we can evolve with the future and be the future. Jack Peploe invites you to be a fly on the wall for one of the biggest discussions in veterinary. Hear the likes of Alan Robinson (Director, Vet Dynamics), Thom Jenkins (CEO & Founder, Petsapp), and Kate Higgins (Director, Village Vets Formby Ltd. Advisory Board Member, The Webinar Vet. BVA Regional Representative (Northwest)) and Michelle Maguire (Director & Co-Founder at Vet Space Ireland, and Veterinary Business Consultant). Listen to them discuss how you can support feeding the futures of your own veterinary success story and how to change the ever-evolving mindset in this unmissable discussion. 

  • How to account for future considerations in today’s decision-making.
  • Learn the power of an adaptable mindset.
  • Types of technology that will support the future of the veterinary industry.
Alan Robinson, Director - Vet Dynamics UK Ltd