16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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An introduction to patient-friendly practice

18 Nov 2022
Gallery Suite 15-16
An introduction to patient-friendly practice

This session will look at creating more positive vet visits, from the patient's perspective. It aims to introduce the concepts and theory of patient-friendly practice. We will consider what patient-friendly practice is, and why is matters – across all aspects of veterinary care. We will look at some of the practicalities for use in day-to-day veterinary work, considering techniques to prevent and reduce distress as we care for patients. We will cover what owners can do to prepare pets for low stress veterinary care; what veterinary staff can and should know and do to promote positive vet visits and support pets and their people; and discuss the power of a team in achieving success.

  • By the end of this session, attendees should understand:
  • –The rationale for adopting positive ways of interacting with patients, taking an empathic, respectful and compassionate approach to patient care
  • –The importance of careful social & environmental interactions & set ups to reduce patient distress
  • –How to employ practical techniques, be the patient’s advocate, and to provide support and education to caregivers and peers on patient-friendly practice