16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Anaesthesia for the patient with respiratory disease

17 Nov 2022
Gallery Suite 15-16
Anaesthesia for the patient with respiratory disease

Patients with respiratory disease are potentially the most high risk anaesthesia cases we come across in our clinics. They present us with really challenging decisions and are often at risk of destabilising at any point.
During this presentation we will look at some of the most common respiratory diseases and how to optimise their anaesthesia care. This will include a refresh of physiology, when mechanical ventilation might be indicated and blood gas analysis that can be used to assess response to treatment.

  • - Recognise the common canine & feline respiratory conditions that present in practice
  • - Learn how to optimise the anaesthesia care of these patients
  • - Understand when mechanical ventilation may be indicated and when it may be more detrimental & how to perform this safely
  • - Appreciate when blood gas analysis might be useful and how to interpret the results