16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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British Chronic Illness Support Society

17 Nov 2022
Gallery Suite 10
British Chronic Illness Support Society

Good communication between spoonies and managers can make the difference between a team that thrives, and one that simply survives. We know from our conversations with both that this can feel hard


Asking for support when facing a health challenge is often difficult, and there is concern it may not be well received. Other members of staff can be insensitive or even derogatory when discussing your health needs. If you meet resistance when trying to make practical changes, it can be hard to tease out what counts as ‘reasonable adjustments’ which are your legal right and what your employer is permitted to deny you..


Our community has a wealth of knowledge and experience on these subjects that we want to make accessible to the wider veterinary world. This Community Mastermind will bring us together to share experiences, discuss challenges, and draw on our individual successes to create tools to assist both spoonies and employers to navigate these challenging conversations successfully.