16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Canine Lameness: Can you spot it?

18 Nov 2022
Gallery Suite 17
Canine Lameness: Can you spot it?

You can almost certainly identify a forelimb lameness. How are you with hind limb lameness? What about when multiple limbs are affected? Can you make an educated guess at a diagnosis from watching a dog walk, trot and stand? How are you at doing all of this, along with an effective orthopaedic examination, within the time-confines of a busy practice?

Drawing on many years of experience, including examining hundreds of dogs with objective gait-analysis tools such as force platforms and motion-capture cameras, in this session Ben will break down canine gait analysis into simple, repeatable steps.

  • •Confidence in identifying and grading forelimb lameness
  • •Confidence in grading and identifying hind limb lameness
  • •Confidence in assessing dogs with multiple-limb lameness
  • •An understanding of how dogs adapt their gait in response to common orth