16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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DiabEasy: finally a simple diabetes management method for happy pets, clients and vets

18 Nov 2022
RVC Clinical Theatre 3

The management of diabetes mellitus in pets has been a source of confusion and frustration for many years. It is therefore not surprising that a recent survey reported that 30% of newly diagnosed dogs and cats see their insulin injection treatment ceased within one year of diagnosis. The current lecture aims to convince colleagues that a simple approach trumps the traditional overcomplicated approach that has been taught at Vet Schools, in textbooks and at CPD events across the world for many years. The method, dubbed DiabEasy, focusses entirely on clinical image, avoiding dangerous situations (hypoglycaemia and DKA) and quality of life of pet AND owner. DiabEasy purposely avoids setting tight glycaemic targets given the lack of evidence for their use. DiabEAsy also provides a peak into the very near future, where non-insulin treatments, as well as once weekly insulin injections, become realistic, effective, alternative options for a large part of the diabetic pet population. Attend this lecture if you want to start loving your diabetic pet population (again)!

  • -realise why diabetes mellitus management can and should be easier
  • -realise what tools we can use to become more effective in our diabetes mellitus management strategies
  • -prepare oneself to start integrating non-insulin medications and tools into the routine management of diabetic pets