16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Diagnosing FeLV

18 Nov 2022
IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics

Getting out much? Diagnosing FeLV infection remains challenging due to different outcomes of infection, which can vary over time depending on the balance between the virus and the host's immune system. Testing for FeLV infection has changed over the years and now includes diagnostic assays for different viral and immunological parameters. But does that help us, or just make the situation more confusing? Knowledge of FeLV infection pathogenesis is important for the correct interpretation of any test results and accurate determination of a cat's FeLV status.

  • - Discuss when it is appropriate to test for FeLV. Do we really need to test every cat?
  • - What is the most appropriate test and why?
  • - Understand the bigger picture of a diagnosis of FeLV. Does the bone marrow matter?