16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Ear disease

17 Nov 2022
IVC Evidensia Referrals Theatre

When is surgery indicated in the management of otitis  

By Hilary Jackson

Chronic otitis is a complex condition in which successful management requires recognition of the primary disease, predisposing, perpetuating conditions and treatment of secondary infections. In this presentation, a dermatologist and surgeon will discuss when it is appropriate to consider surgery for refractory cases of otitis  


Otitis: when is surgery indicated

By Donald Yool

Following on from Hilary’s talk on the decision-making of when to consider surgical management of otitis and when to persevere with medical therapy, we will discuss how to decide what procedures may be necessary and whether imaging will help with surgical planning.  We will talk about what we accept as an acceptable complication rate within our referral clinics and what outcomes you should expect if you are performing these surgeries in your own practice.  Finally, we will discuss when you should think of passing cases on to specialist practice.