16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Emerging pathogens in the UK (Ehrlichia/Brucella/Hepatozoon/Babesia)

18 Nov 2022
IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics

Due to the increase in the number of imported pets in the UK, vets are encountering a number of unusual diseases in dogs, including Ehrlichia, Brucella, Hepatozoon and Babesia. These can be challenging cases to recognise and to diagnose. This lecture will discuss the clinical signs and clinicopathological changes associated with these emerging pathogens and also the logical diagnostic approach and management of these diseases.

  • - to recognise the clinical presentation of some emerging pathogens in the UK (including Ehrlichia/Brucella/Hepatozoon/Babesia)
  • - to understand the diagnostic tests available to confirm their diagnosis
  • - to understand the treatment options available for these pathogens