16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Equine rescue and trauma care - a multi agency approach

17 Nov 2022
RVC Equine Theatre 2
Equine rescue and trauma care - a multi agency approach

Rescuing equines from trailers and cattle grids, bogs and ditches, fires and floods have become far more understood in recent years. As emergency responders have developed procedures and techniques to enable a physical rescue, emphasis is now on the delivery of a casualty centred rescue, using techniques and tactics that are carefully planned following assessment of the situation and circumstances the animal/s are in. Veterinarians are crucial to the success of a rescue, working as part of a multi agency team. The role of BARTA is to equip vets with the knowledge and skills to apply their veterinary skills in situations that present unfamiliar working environments, people and procedures.

  • Everyday incidents, delivering casualty centred rescues
  • Developing role of the vet led team approach at major incidents
  • Civil Contingencies Act, what does it say about the role of vets in meeting societal needs