16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

Portfolio Events

Facilitating change in agriculture: farm vets as change makers

18 Nov 2022
BVA Farm Theatre

Farm vets are seen as trusted advisors by their farming clients and are frequently turned to for information on animal health and welfare, as well as farm business decisions. Farm vets are therefore in a strong position to influence and inspire farmers to change farming practices for the better. This is increasingly encompassing One Health issues and environmental challenges, such as reaching Net Zero. But do vets have the skills, confidence, knowledge and desire to meet this demand? Has the veterinary profession got the capacity and support mechanisms to enable farm vets to be agents of change? In this interactive session, we will explore some of the challenges facing farming and the role of the farm vet of the future. We will then discuss some barriers holding farm vets back and some ideas for how the vet-led team could develop their role and help inspire and support change with their farming clients.

  • - understand how farm vets can maximise their role as trusted advisors to farmers
  • - gain an appreciation of the different communication skills and advisory roles vets and the vet-led team could adopt in the veterinary practice of the future
  • - gain a better appreciation of the different elements of food production and One Health where farm vets could take more of a lead