16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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From nurse to manager – how to develop your role and those of your teams

18 Nov 2022
Nursing Theatre

The transition from nurse to manager is one that is not uncommon in the veterinary industry. But are the skills required to be member of the clinical team the same as those needed as a manager? Many of us take on management roles without any formal business or people management training, so how do we know how to bring the best out of the team? Managers in veterinary medicine often benefit from clinical experience when working in an operational situation, but how about the more pastoral needs? This lecture will discuss the skills and knowledge gained from working in a busy clinical role and how these can be developed to help you manage and empower your clinical team.

  • Use skills and knowledge developed in a clinical role to help influence the provision of patient care in the hospital or practice environment.
  • Understand the key needs of the clinical environment to develop the team you manage.
  • Identify the skills of your team, empower them as their line manager to encourage their own development and job satisfaction.