16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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How to run a successful veterinary practice without all the drama

18 Nov 2022
Business Theatre
How to run a successful veterinary practice without all the drama

Much has been said about getting off the hamster wheel as a veterinary leader. But still the Hamster Wheel (aka the clinical grind) is something veterinary leaders remain trapped on and will continue to do so unless mitigating steps are taken. This is important because when Leaders only focus on clinical duties, they leave no time for actually leading their practice and people! Many veterinary leaders get promoted because of their technical prowess, but often remain stuck in this task-focused, clinical mindset when leading. Unfortunately, clinical skills are not the same set of skills necessary to become a successful leader. We will be breaking down the following framework, helping you implement the four crucial systems required for effective team leadership 1. Making a plan that makes the what, why and how, clear to everyone. 2. Hire the right people using a process that gets RESULTS. 3. Management processes. Actively manage your team for high performance. 4. Develop personal leadership skills.

  • - To understand the drivers of poor culture and team performance
  • - To understand the three common leadership mistakes that cause almost all problems within practice
  • - To learn the four components of a leadership framework that creates values led leadership systems and practice success.